About Us

What is BetterCode?

A slack bot that makes Slack work better with messages that include code. The bot automatically detects code in a message and replies in thread with the highlighted, formatted snippet and tags that make it easier to find later via Slack.

Why did we create BetterCode?

We’re the team behind Pieces.app and Runtime.dev.  We spend our time working on technical language processing and building tools that make developers more productive.

We spend all day in Slack and found:

  • Like most devs, we share a lot of code via Slack and other messengers.
  • Messengers don’t natively highlight and format messages that are code
  • Search sucks in messengers.  Especially code search.

Since we already build, we set out to solve these issues with Better Code.

How does BetterCode relate to Pieces.app?

Pieces is our flagship product for developers - a micro-repo that helps devs save, re-use and share code snippets and more.  If you love BetterCode, give Pieces a try!

Upgrade how you share and find code in Slack